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Telles family from Texas enjoying Cocoa Beach
Telles family from Texas enjoying Cocoa Beach
Rocky, Sally and Delia from Texas enjoy a day at Cocoa Beach just  One Of Florida’s Beautiful White Sand Ocean Beaches  that make a great day trip from Chattysdream.

Cocoa Beaches and Fun Pier....80 Miles...1 hour 31 minutes
Clearwater Pier 60 Beaches…. 91 miles…1 hour 37 minutes
Daytona Beaches ……………... 85 miles...1 hour 38 minutes

The Disney Area is located in Central Florida, so if you plan to spend a fun-filled day at the ocean beaches, you can choose East or West.

I googled three locations, hoping it might help you plan beach day trips. The only beach that I have personally visited is Pier 60 in Clearwater. When we were younger, our vacations tended to be in the Disney area, Clearwater, Ft Meyers, or the Keys. Often we traveled through Clearwater and I spent time on Pier 60 which I always enjoyed, so I will start with Clearwater, pictured above, although Cocoa Beach is closer.
Clearwater is probably your best choice if you are drawn to a West Coast Beach.
I googled, Big Pier 60 and found it at 1 Causeway Blvd, Clearwater, FL, 33767. Beautiful beaches surround the fishing pier that extends well into the ocean. Most likley you can still buy small fish and feed the awesome pelicans gathered along the pier. Pier 60 also has neat sunset entertainment and is only 91 miles from the Villa (1 hour and 37 minutes). In my mind I would add another 20 minutes or so as the Beach Area can be a busy, but fun filled place. Always lot's of things to do at all Florida beaches.

Clearwaters's Beach Web Cams offer great views of Clearwater Beach that refresh every 10 seconds or so. Once in a while they are down, so you might need to check it more than once, but when operating, the CAM presents a nice overview.

Sunset Fun has previews of sunset festivities at Pier 60.

Perhaps Clearwater's web site promo says it best……….
Clearwater Beach is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque sunsets, mystical evenings. Who would want anything more? Rated with two of the top ten beaches in America, Clearwater Beach is truly the most popular and beautiful. Happy browsing and have a beautiful day from all of us in Clearwater Beach”.

Your closest beach is actually East at Cocoa!

I googled “Cocoa Beach” and found lots of options to check things out at the famous Cocoa Beach which is only 80 miles away (1 hour 31 minutes). Cocoa Beach is on the Space Coast, near the Kennedy Space Center, which is often a day trip destination for villa guests. Everyone that goes to the Center, always says “they had a great day”. We have been to the Space Center, but have never seen a “lift off”. Some day that will happen. Oops --got to get back to beach report.
Cocoa Beaches PIER OF FUN encourages all to “Come visit us and experience the fun first hand. There is so much to do, or you can do nothing at all. Surfing, sun tanning, swimming, beaches, boats, bars, restaurants, and volleyball. Who can name them all!” There is always something going on at the Cocoa Beach Pier. Haven’t been there, but sure sounds like they got it going on.

Cocoa Beach says they are Orlando’s closest ocean beach”. Guess that says it all. The Cocoa Beach site claims the beach is "an hour's drive east of Orlando on Florida's beautiful Space Coast", so the drive MAY be a little quicker than Mapquest shows.

Daytona Beach Is Another Good Easterly Choice.
Daytona is a little more north, but I have heard that the Daytona Beaches are nice as well and are only 85 miles away (1 hour & 38 minutes). Caution: you may want to choose a different beach, if Daytona has a race of any type, due to traffic.

The County Beach Web Page Says “The beaches of the Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach areas offer breathtaking beauty and water related fun! At low tide, the beach is up to 500 feet wide. It's easy to see why our beaches are considered among the best in the world. Whether your day at the beach is to relax and read a book; hit the water to enjoy the waves, cast a line into the surf; or build sand castles with the children; Volusia County beaches can accommodate your desired experience.”

The Daytona Beach Web Cam , located as a click button within the larger site, is a little hard to see in the blue box and offers less than I expected, but overall, the Cam and web site reveals a host of reasons to enjoy Daytona.
I hope this is helpful. If we forgot or missed something -drop us an email via the "contact us" button on top of this page and we will add it.

Disney World and all that Orlando offers is mind boggling, but if you happen to live in-land –there is nothing quite like a holiday day at the beach-if time allows.
Cheers and don’t forget the suntan lotion and your camera. Arrive early-stay late and enjoy a beautiful Florida sunset.

MapQuest Planner. If you want to print out a beach trip planner before your arrival, you can use Wal-Mart, 600 US Highway 27 Clermont, Fl 34711, as your starting point, since we do not post the villa address on the web for security reasons. The villa is just up the street from Wal-Mart. Caution: all trip times are based on Mapquest. Travel times in Florida can vary significantly. Up or down. Please Drive Safely. Have a great holiday!