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Charley, age one, from Washington DC has her sand bucket in hand and is ready to chase her dreams all the way to Daytona Beach.  Bet she is dreaming of fun filled family time, sandy beaches, sand castles and beautiful waves. That's just some of the beautiful things that dreams are made of.


  • Family time at the villa with Baby Chloe
  • Mike & Jan enjoy a day at Seaworld
  • spiderman fans
  • Telles & Benavides Vacation-Texas Style
  • I love Mickey
  • Time to play scrabble
  • Sweet moment
  • "Walking on water"??? Doubt it
  • Rocky, Sally and Delia at Cocoa Beach
  • The Churchwell Family from Georgia celebrate a night out
  • Let's get coool in the poooool
  • I love Disney World its like a dream come true
  • Let's celebrate America at Disney
  • Sharon feeds the cranes-carefully
  • Pack a book so you can relax in the spa-
  • There's nothing like your own private pool
  • Jessica gets ready to go under
  • Jessica, Alex
  • We dreamed-we did it- it was great
  • Vacation is a great time for some one on one time
  • Goofy as it sounds-when it's snowing up north you can have the top down in Fl.
  • Game On
  • Do You Remember The Potato Heads-we do
  • Disney is like a Fountain of Youth
  • Come to Florida and have some fun.
  • Did Mom say-splashing is ok
  • Family time in the game room.
  • DE-feet keep cool
  • Game ON
  • Nightly Spa Hang Time
  • Love this ride
  • Time for a break
  • Entrance to Disney
  • Ladies day at Hollywood Studios